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You want to know...

How much does it cost to do legal and medical transcribing? How much does it cost to write papers?

  • For legal and medical transcribing, the flat fee of $10 will be charged, plus 3 cents per word.

  • For projects that are more than 4500 words, you will have to make more than 1 transaction through paypal, the link is listed below.

  • For writing papers, there are several packages available with their prices. The services last for 1 semester.

How long after submitting my payment and paper do I get my finished product?

It is best to submit your payment and unfinished work 2-5 days before you actually need it. For example, if you need it by by 9am Monday, you should have  submitted it by the previous Wednesday. It doesn't matter if it is on a weekend or a weekday. If you need you finished product in 1- 2 days and you need it expedited, and extra charge of $10 will be added to the bill.

What is the process of typing and transcribing?

  • If there are specific formatting, font, line spacing, etc. that the customer desires, they should note it, so that the typist knows the desired outcome. Otherwise, it will be a Word Document, in Times New Roman Font, Double Spaced.

  • All LEGAL and MEDICAL typing/ transcription will be VERBATIM.

How do I submit my payment, and how do I submit the work I need you to do?

Submit the work you want transcribed via the secured email account, where all communication is encrypted. The paper must indicate the word count. We will confirm with you what the word count is, and then you will be instructed to submit your payment via paypal, located below. You will get an invoice, your original submitted paper, and your finished product via email.


Feel free to email anytime. Expect a response the next day, during business hours.

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What We Have to Offer You

Less Stress, More Time

Transcribe and Type is offering superior services in typing and transcription. Clients include students, the medical industry and the legal industry. Our team can guarantee that you can vacation, sleep, or do absolutely nothing, all while knowing that you will have a great finished product.

Paper Typing

For Students or Businesses

If you have a rough draft, with edits clearly made, but you need to type a finished product, we can do it for you.

the Medical Community

We can transcribe for you doctor's orders and dictations. Submit unformatted files and audio files for a professional, finished product

Submit your unformatted files or audio files and get a professional product. We work with recorded dictations and files. These are transcribed verbatim.

The Legal Community

Submit unformatted files and audio files for a professional, finished product

Audio recordings are turned into written documents from court proceedings, dictated notes, recorded depositions, and much more. These are transcribed verbatim.

So Much Work To Do and So Little Time

Take A Load Off And Let Someone Else Do the Job.

Life is about opportunity costs, but what if it didn't have to be? All of the time it takes to write a final paper, or transcribe audio recordings mean that you can't do the things you enjoy doing. What if there was a business willing to do the work for you in a speedy, professional manner?

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Create Enough Time By Letting Someone Else Take on Some of the Work Load

Welcome to Transcribe and Type. This site is aimed at aiding you in in typing finals and transcribing audio recordings, services that you may need in order to save you time and stress.  Never again do you have to skip out on hanging with your friends to type your final paper. Never again do you have to worry about objectivity when audio recordings are being transcribed. At Transcribe and Type, you will be able to communicate what it is that you need done, and not have to worry about whether or not you have a professional, finished product. You will be satisfied with you service and finished product.